Project Management

ARH Project Management continue to associate itself with prestigious projects. Since our inception in 1978 ARH has been involved in all aspects of Project Management and was committed to delivering projects to the highest quality standards, always aiming to exceed client expectations. Backed by skilled and experienced teams,

ARH methods and systems have developed over time, and has continuously provided innovative ideas and solutions to projects.

One stop shop and consistent service; The ability to oversee and manage impact, ARH incorporates a project management framework that provides both top-down oversight and company level accountability.

Through in-depth expertise and knowledge, we act on our clients’ behalf and strive to be directly involved in the Project Management Process driving and managing the time, cost, quality and safety of the project to ensure the project is delivered according to your approved specifications

Our approaches focused on the following different themes:

  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Management and Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Tendering Management
  • Quantity Survey
  • Design Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Quality Control and Assurance