1979 Radwa farms were established by Dr. Abdul Hadi Bin Hassan AL Tahir who believed in the necessity of delivering tasteful and high-quality products. He used to make sure that poultry's breading takes place in an ideal enviroment; particualarly in farms enriched with nature's blessings so that the poultry is fed on the finest kind of corn without using any hormonal or antibiotic injections. It us with this understanding that we aim at providing our clients the best of products and services.
1989 Since high-quality is one of our company pillars that we are committed to, we have achieved the first place in regard to hatchings, farms and thourough screening of all our products. Our top priority is to produce the top of chicken products that received utmost care in an ideal enviroment that is up to international standards.
1995 We have had a high profile in the poultry market due to our excellence in meeting the needs of our customers.
2005 Our relentless pursuit and persistent efforts have contributed to the increase of our production which enables us to expand and cover all parts of Saudi Arabis besides some other parts of the Arab Gulf Countries whom we offer the best poultry products.
2013 The Establishment of Our New Factory We have proudly completed the series of our consecutive successes in the field of poultry production with the opening of our new factory in January 2013.
2014 Full Production Facility In the first quarter of 2014, we started to operate the entire production facility with its latest model to increase the possibility of fully serving our customers in the Saudi Arabia.
2016 We created a new unique packaging for our products by using a world-leading technology to make the products breathable, maintain their quality, and grant the customers the exact distinguished taste of Radwa's chicken.
2017 To keep up with our clients' needs, we started to produce ready- to- cook products; affording them both high quality and distinct taste depending on innovative ways that make the process of cooking much easier and more fun for the family.
2020 With the constant development and the pursuit to be up to our customers' expectations, we have launched our online store where you can place orders that can be delivered to: Riyadh, Jeddah, and Medina.
2021 Where do we stand today? We are working constantly to evolove and to develop poultry's breeding, production and distribution techniques. It is with this understanding that we have achieved a high ranking as a leading company in this field in Saudi Arabia. We take bride in all little details to provide our clients with high-quality and incomparable products. Arising out from the concept of development and the achievement of 2030 vision, the Ministry of Agriculture has given Radwa Company a land in Wadi AL-Fara'a in Medina for the establishment of boilers' project on an area of 28 million square meters.